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3D Control Systems Introducing New UI for 3DPrinterOS Platform

3D Control Systems Introducing New UI for 3DPrinterOS Platform

After receiving users feedback, 3DPrinterOS now sports a fresh design that looks more professional. We’ve organized the information more clearly and updated the color palette. The new UI also aims to provide a consistent user experience within 3DPrinterOS.

What we’ve improved

We’ve used cutting-edge technologies to decrease page loading speeds by more than three times which helps our customers innovate faster! Our aspiration is to continue to be the #1 3Dprinter management platform in the industry.

Our main focus is to keep the core functionality consistent, while giving the platform a cleaner look. We’ve decreased the number of buttons significantly, which will streamline your workflow.

We’ve also developed a smart system for choosing the right slicer for your 3D printer. The system will now know which slicer you’ll need, based on your current 3D printers and the last used application (Magic Fix or STL Editor).

We’re also happy to announce the Analyze feature in the STL Editor (Layout). This will help you analyze if the model’s first layer is touching the build plate, if supports are needed, infill recommendations and if there are any mesh holes.

You can now toggle ‘’Show hosts’’ in the Printers tab. This will help you by clearing the extra information from your screen, when it’s necessary.

More improvements:

  • Quick printer selection
  • Simpler filtering and searching on the History page
  • Uploading files by dragging and dropping
  • UI/UX improvements for the Slicers, STL Editor and various other applications
  • You can now undo Delete, if needed
  • Improved mobile performance 
  • Organization Admin panel is categorized and greatly improved for a better experience
  • You can now Report the Problem with ‘’verbose mode ’’ enabled, from the Printer Settings, so we could get all the necessary information from the printers.

Go check out the new experience and don’t forget to leave us feedback through the snippet on the right side of the screen.

Here’s some feedback from one of our longtime customers Chip Bobbert, the Digital Fabrication Architect at Duke University:

‘‘It’s extremely important to our lab and the industry at large that 3D printing be easy and accessible.  The new 3DprinterOS user interface simplifies access and removes clutter.  Users can now access printing resources with fewer steps." 

If you have any questions on how to run your organization like Harvard, Columbia University or Google does on 3DPrinterOS, then feel free to reach out to us from HERE.

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