3D Control Systems to Expand into $350B Advanced Manufacturing Industry

3D Control Systems brings on Ex-HP 3D Printing and GE Digital Executive Michelle Bockman to Expand into $350B Advanced Manufacturing Industry.

3D Control Systems Inc., inventors of 3DPrinterOS, bring on Bockman to scale into the $350B Advanced Manufacturing market.

3DPrinterOS has proven that fully automated design-to-direct production is the future of 3D Printing, which they scaled to a profitable company with over 120,000 customers, 50,000 printers, and collected 7 years of machine data.

In Jan 2021, the company will launch a new platform, 3D Control Systems, to connect all advanced manufacturing equipment in the same way.

Michelle, who is a previous senior executive for GE and HP-3D Printing, will focus the team on the Automotive, Medical, and Aviation industry verticals with:

  • A NEW all-in-one platform (CRM/MES/ERP) built for Advanced Manufacturing
  • Fully automated workflow connecting industrial 3D printers, CNC, robotics, and more
  • Providing real-time data to drive customer outcomes
  • I/T compatible network security controls
  • Design real-time collaboration portal

This fully automated, secure AI platform will address the ongoing efficiency gaps in the industry.

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