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3D Control Systems unveils cloud-based AM platform ZAP

3D Control Systems is the parent company to and 3DPrinterOS. is Zero-latency Autonomous Platform for advanced manufacturing.
3D Control Systems unveils cloud-based AM platform ZAP

Last week, we announced our new additive manufacturing workflow software, ZAP. It's a release we've been working on for some time now, building out the expertise in automating AM workflow that our team has been known for since 2014 when our first platform, 3DPrinterOS, launched. With this new automation platform available to help streamline everything from design to delivery, we thought we should also take a minute to introduce ourselves more fully.

Who is 3D Control Systems?

3D Control Systems is the parent company to and 3DPrinterOS.

In 2014, we introduced 3DPrinterOS, an operating system that could control 3D printers from the cloud. We designed this solution with a simple vision in mind: one 3D printing platform to bring all the fragmented and disparate software together. One single, easy-to-use 3D printing software interface that could allow users to print using different suppliers' equipment could ease many pain points in existing workflows.

Our vision quickly caught on, and for years now, 3D Control Systems has been providing file management, job preparation, and much more for operations operating fleets and arrays of 3D printers from the 3DPrinterOS cloud. Our technology-agnostic, data-driven cloud solution has successfully grown to more than 120,000 users around the world. It's also proven to be a profitable business model for us, and we are now expanding the product offering into advanced manufacturing, which will encompass workflows and technologies across the board.

The results speak for themselves. Our global users have provided feedback that our solutions have addressed an industry gap that no one company has been able to do. Our extensive manufacturing knowledge has built out viable solutions. With our global partnership network, we have automated the entire production process for 3D printing.

As we expand, so does our vision. Today, we describe our vision even more broadly: We see a world where everyone is a manufacturer. "One-click" manufacturing with a seamless user experience is an innovation whose time has come.

The next step forward in realizing that the efficient future of additive manufacturing is here, with

What is is a Zero-latency Autonomous Platform for advanced manufacturing.

ZAP encompasses everything operators need to run a factory: it's a fully automated workflow platform, purpose-built for driving optimization in additive manufacturing.

That sounds like a big claim, and it is. It also should be, with all the functionality built-in. ZAP contains CRM (Customer Relationship Management), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), QA (Quality Assurance), and MES (Manufacturing Execution System), all built for AM with a high level of security.

Current additive manufacturing workflows are complex and, with more hardware and materials introductions, getting more complex every day. Adding 3D printers adds to the management complexity of production. Systems to oversee management functions can bring incredible value to organizations and manufacturers, especially when they're not tied to a single 3D printer OEM.

The solution for our customers' biggest challenge with 3D printing is to give them one agnostic cloud-based decentralized manufacturing operating system. Our extensive partner ecosystem has driven full automation, and ZAP encompasses the entire workflow. From design to slicing, build preparation, packing, machine production, and post-processing to quality assurance and delivery, ZAP is a powerful AI-powered data platform.

And with all that functionality, we designed it for customer outcomes including for the customer user's experience. Ease-of-use is at the forefront of the ZAP experience.

We can fully customize ZAP for internal use, external orders, or simply for production. It's a single seamless platform; there's no going in and out of hardware and software programs to fuss with. ZAP integrates disparate 3D printer systems, freeing users of risk for future technology integrations. There's no need for the cost or time associated with system migration, deployment, and upgrades. The software platform works like an operating system, which is agnostic to any printer manufacturer software and design tools in use.

One of our early customers put it better than maybe we could:

"When budgeting for the cost of running an advanced manufacturing facility, companies often overlook the massive hidden variable costs involving owning and operating equipment, software, people, and processes. These costs are usually 10x more than manufacturers expect. ZAP eliminates the cost variables through the integration of all components to provide seamless automated interaction, resulting in reduced time and cost."

Learn more about ZAP here.

3D Control Systems
3D Control Systems

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